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Research Visiting Program in NTU GICE

The Research Visiting Program is a non-degree program designed for students enrolled in overseas academic institutions who are interested in conducting a short-term research or internship with an NTU GICE faculty member.

Application Timeline & Deadlines

Online applications must be submitted 3 months prior to your intended start date.

How to Apply

Before starting your application, you must pass the internal evaluation to obtain the qualification for an internship at NTUGICE, Taiwan. After pass the evaluation, you will be provided detail instruction for application.

Please provide the following information for evaluation to ntugice@ntu.edu.tw ; wening@ntu.edu.tw

 Required evaluation documents
* A translation of all documentation should be provided, if not already in English.
1.  CV
2.  Transcript
3.  Statement of Purpose

 Needed information
Expected duration of the internship: (yy/mm/dd)--(yy/mm/dd)
The core research interest____________________

Program Fee

Fee NLess than 2 months 2 to 6 months
1st Payment (paid with application) TWD 9,000 TWD 9,000
2nd Payment (paid on registration day) TWD 6,000 TWD 21,000
Total TWD 15,000 TWD 30,000

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