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Electromagnetics Group is engaged in the observation and research in ionosphere to support the military and civilian demand for short-wave radio station since 1950s. Since 1974, the group entered the field of study of computational electromagnetics, and expanded to other electromagnetic fields afterwards. This group now has 19 full-time and part-time faculty members. Electromagnetics Group currently engaged in a wide range of research topics, including antennas, transmission lines, planar waveguide, electromagnetic numerical analysis, circuit packaging, ceramic components, microwave and millimeter-wave circuit design, active components analysis and circuit design, electromagnetic compatibility, fiber optic, microwave imaging , radar target identification, inverse scattering and medical applications, mobile communications systems and applications, radio wave propagation, wireless channel propagation characteristics of smart antenna systems, intelligent transport systems, and etc..

The EM Group has long been recognized as the top EM research team in Taiwan. Recently, through executions of Integration Projects of NSC, Projects of National Telecommunication Research Program, Projects of Pursuing Academic Excellence of MoE, and Excellent Research Projects of Towards the Top University Program of MoE (5 Year 50 Billion Program), the academic contributions and reputation of the group have been raised to the first class level internationally. For instance, in the world°¶s most important journals of microwave area, IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques (T-MTT) and IEEE Microwave and Wireless Component Letters (MWCL), NTU has been ranked first among world universities and institutes in number of papers, number of citations, and citations per paper for three consecutive years since 2006.

With an aim to continuing the world-class EM research level, the EM Group with goals of training students to adapt to the rapidly changing environment of the R& D capabilities in the future and to become the leading people with the vision and the leadership in international perspectives.