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Professor Hsi-Tseng Chou


   The Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering (GICE) was founded in August 1997. Owing to the great efforts and contributions from our faculty members and students, GICE is highly recognized by international societies to contribute quality researches on communication technologies, especially in mobile and wireless communications. The research areas pioneer the global technological trends in electromagnetics (EM), radio frequency (RF) technologies, RF subsystem in chip/package, multi-media signal processing, the global internet of things (IoT) with decent artificial intelligence (AI) elements. It is our ambition to build the leadership for the next generation of wireless communications. It is also our goal to educate our students well-prepared to tackle the industrial challenges with great impact.

   The institute consists of three research groups, including "Electromagnetics," "Communications and Signal Processing," and "Data Science and Smart Networking." Among our 56 faculty members, 16 were elevated as IEEE Fellows, more than 30%, which is superior to most international top-ranking universities. The institute has built state-of-the-art research facilities, among the best globally, and established a fruitful research atmosphere. We welcome talented students worldwide to join this international institute and launch your career profiles with a strong ambition to make a difference for the world.

   NTU GICE foresees the developing trends of future wireless communications to provide high global mobility without boundary limitations, ranging from ground to the sky. Humane-centered applications to enrich quality lives, including intelligent vehicular systems, remote healthcare, and smart cities, will attract the most attention. Highlighted communication systems include 5G and its extension at millimeter frequencies, low earth orbit satellite communications, and 6G at Sub-terahertz. AI-embedded RF and communication technologies will play important roles of core in the networking system. NTU GICE has strong teams integrating core elements to invent new figures. Our faculty members are eager to make an impact on the technologies with our graduate students.

   NTU GICE has established strong links with prestigious universities and research institutes worldwide in joint research projects and dual-degree programs. In addition, the strong tie with industries produces a distinguished research environment of practical orientation. "Industry Doctoral Elite Program" provides worry-free financial supports to talented students to finish their degrees, which is an essential highlight of the institute's efforts to optimize the learning environment. Join us to make the world different!