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   GICE comprised of three groups, the “Electromagnetics Group”, the “Communication and Signal Processing Group” and the ‘’Data Science and Smart Networking’’. The main researches of Electromagnetics Group include Antennas, Microwave and Millimeter-wave Circuit Designs, Electronic Packaging and Signal Integrity Designs, and etc. The Electromagnetics Group has the best research team in related fields nationally and internationally, and has distinguished performance on major international electromagnetics journals, such as IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques. GICE’s number of publications and citations on IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques have ranked number 1 among international universities in consecutive years from 2006-2013. The research results of the team also won the Best Paper Award in IEEE Transactions on Advanced Packaging in 2009 and 2010.

Prof. Tzong-Lin Wu won The Outstanding Research Innovation Award of NTU Prof. Homer Chen won the Best Paper Award in IEEE Transactions

   Communication and Signal Processing Group, which was the first academic group in Taiwan, engaged in the research of communication and signal processing. The researches include Wireless Communication, Digital Signal Processing, Optical Communication, and Communication System and Networking. The research achievements have repeatedly approved by international awards, such as 2008 IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology Best Paper Award, 2011 IEEE ComSoc Asia-Pacific Outstanding Paper Award, 2011 Best Paper Award of IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, Language Process (SPS) and 2014 IEEE Jack Neubauer Memorial Award of IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology Society. IEEE Globecom Conference and IEEE ICC are two of the most influential conferences in this field. The research results of the team won the Best Paper Award in IEEE ICC 2010 and won the GOLD Best Paper Award in IEEE GLOBECOM 2010.

   Due to the increasing demand of data scientist in the big data era, GICE has established the third research group: Data Science and Smart Networking in 2016. The researches of Data Science and Smart Network include Deep Learning, Data Privacy and Information Retrieval, Cognitive Neurorobotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Software Define Network (SDN), Network Function Virtualization, Machine Learning for Data Security.

   GICE has received international attention for research contributions accumulated over the years. Several GICE professors act as consultants and members of review and evaluation committees in major government projects. In addition, many also served as editor-in-chief or editors of international journals, such as IEEE Transactions. Others are IEEE Societies VPs and directors. GICE has also hosted major international conferences in Taipei, such as APEMC, APMC, IEEE EDAPS, Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference, IEEE Globecom, IEEE ICASSP and IEEE VTC, etc. With regards of ICASSP, it is the only conference in the field of signal processing that leaders from all over the world gather to attend. With GICE being the host, 1762 people from 48 countries attended, among which, IEEE Fellows numbered near a hundred. These numbers are comparable to those conferences held in the United States during times of the most prosperous economy.

     GICE is responsible to be the leader in education and research in the communication engineering field in Taiwan, and aims to become the international pioneer in innovative communication engineering. Our goal is to nurture creative and confident talent with international perspectives. GICE will continue to provide the best research environment and professional curriculums to be the leader in communication engineering technical development in Taiwan and internationally. We sincerely welcome all elites in the communication engineering field to join us for a broaden future.


   The purpose of the establishment of The Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering (GICE) is to enhance the fundamental, perspective, and integrated teaching and research in communication engineering and technology. The goal is to improve academic standards, cultivate talents and assistant the development of domestic related industry.

August 1, 1997
   The Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering (GICE) of National Taiwan University was founded. Faculty members are comprised of “Electromagnetics Group” and the “Communication and Signal Processing Group” from The Graduate Institute of Electrical Engineering. It includes three research areas of “Electromagnetics”, “Communication”, and “Signal Processing”. The first Director is Prof. Hsueh-Jyh Lee.
April 1999
“Communication Group” and “Signal Processing Group” merged into “Communication and Signal Processing Group.”
August 2000
Prof. Mao-Chao Lin being the 2nd Director.
August 2003
Prof. Ming-Syan Chen being the 3rd Director.
August 2006
Prof. Huei Wang being the 4th Director.
August 2009
Prof. Kwang-Cheng Chen being the 5th Director.
August 2012
Prof. Tzong-Lin Wu being the 6th Director.
August 2015
Prof. Tzong-Lin Wu being the 7th Director.
August 2016
The new research group “Data Science and Smart Networking” was founded.
August 2018
Prof. Hsuan-Jung Su being the 8th Director.
August 2021
Prof. Hsi-Tseng Chou being the 9th Director.