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Professor Hsuan-Jung Su


   It is my greatest honor and pleasure to serve as the Director of the Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering (GICE). Owing to the great efforts of our outstanding faculty members and elite students, GICE is reputed to conduct high-quality research in the areas of electromagnetic wave, antenna, radio frequency circuits and packaging, multimedia signal processing, wireless communications, and internet of things (IoT). To embrace the recent trend of data science and its applications, in addition to the "Electromagnetics" and the "Communications and Signal Processing" research groups, GICE has founded a new research group on "Data Science and Smart Networking" and actively recruited top talents working on data science and machine learning in recent years.

   In the coming generation of wireless communication networks, a wide variety of applications will need to be supported, such as vehicular networks, remote healthcare, smart factories, etc. These applications impose very stringent requirements on communication networks such as ultra-high reliability and extremely low latency which call for joint optimization of every aspect of wireless communication networks from the hardware components to signal processing and network architecture. In addition, data analytics is the key for these services to "think" ahead of the users and serve them better with more environmental friendly and safer means. Based on the solid foundation of the past research achievements, the members of the GICE shall work closely on interdisciplinary research integration to push the boundaries of electromagnetic wave, communications networks, signal processing, and data science toward enhancing the quality of human life.

   Through cooperation with prestigious universities and research institutes around the world in joint projects and dual-degree programs, we also look forward to elevating the impact of our research and education to the global level. We welcome talents interested in information and communication technologies to join us and create the future!