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Year Name Note

ACM Fellow
2007 Ming-Syan Chen

IEEE Fellow
1992 Lin-Shan Lee
1994 Jin-Fu Chang
1996 Chun-Hsiung Chen
1999 Ching-Kuang C. Tzuang
2000 Soo-Chang Pei
2003 Homer H. Chen
2004 Ming-Syan Chen
2005 Jingshown Wu
2006 Huei Wang
2007 Kwang-Cheng Chen
2009 Char-Dir Chung
2010 Wanjiun Liao
2010 Ruey-Beei Wu
2010 Powen Hsu
2012 Hsi-Tseng Chou
2013 Tzong-Lin Wu
2017 Tian-Wei Huang
2018 Yi-Jan Emery Chen
2021 Ai-Chun Pang

ISCA Fellow
2010 Lin-Shan Lee

OSA Fellow
2010 Hung-Chun Chang

Life Fellow
2014 Soo-Chang Pei

Chinese Society for Management of Technology
2017 Ming-Syan Chen 18th

Year Name Note

Best Paper Award
1997 Tsung-Nan Lin Outstanding Paper Award, IEEE Neural Network Council, Journal
1998 Tsung-Nan Lin Young Author Best Paper Award, IEEE Signal Processing Society, Journal
2000 Polly Huang Best Paper Award, IS2000
2008 Homer H. Chen IEEE CVST Transactions Best Paper Award
2008 Shi-Chung Chang IEEE Conerence on Automation Science and Engineering(CASE)
2009 Ruey-Beei Wu IEEE Transactions on Advanced Packging Best Paper Award
2009 Tian-Wei Huang IEEE Transactions on Advanced Packging Best Paper Award
2010 Tzong-Lin Wu IEEE Transactions on Advanced Packaging 2010 Best Paper Award
2010 Kwang-Cheng Chen IEEE ICC 2010 Best Paper Award
2010 Kwang-Cheng Chen IEEE GLOBECOM GOLD Best Paper Award
2011 Homer H. Chen IEEE MMSP Wrokshop Top 10% Paper Award
2011 Wanjiun Liao 2011 Best Journal Paper Award of IEEE Communications Society Technical Committee on Multimedia Communications(MMTC)
2014 Kwang-Cheng Chen IEEE Jack Neubauer Memorial Award
2018 Tzong-Lin Wu 2018 joint IEEE EMC and APEMC Symposiums "Best SI/PI Paper Award & Best Student Paper Award"
2020 Ai-Chun Pang
2020 Ming-Syan Chen ACM/IEEE International Conference on Hardware/Software Codesign and System Synthesis
2021 Chun Lin Liu 2021 Signal Processing Letters Best Paper Award

Distinguished Lecturer
2007 Huei Wang IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society
2008 Tzong-Lin Wu The IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society
2011 Wanjiun Liao IEEE Communications Society
2012 Homer H. Chen IEEE Circuits and Systems Society
2012 Kwang-Cheng Chen IEEE Vchicular Technology Society
2015 Tian-Wei Huang IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society

2009 Ching-Kuang C.Tzuang IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letteres (MWCL)
2018 Tzong-Lin Wu IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility (T-EMC)

1994 Lin-Shan Lee IEEE Region 10 Chair
1998 Ming-Syan Chen Distinguished Visitor of IEEE Computer Society
2007 Ruey-Beei Wu IEEE Taipei Section Chair
2008 Ruey-Beei Wu IEEE MGA Outstanding Large Section Award
2009 Tzong-Lin Wu IEEE EMC Technical Achievement Award
2010 Ruey-Beei Wu IEEE MGA Innovation Award
2011 Lin-Shan Lee IEEE Signal Processing Society The Meritorious Service Award
2011 Kwang-Cheng Chen IEEE Communications Society Wireless Communications Recognition Award
2011 Ruey-Beei Wu IEEE EPEPS Recognition Award
2013 Tzong-Lin Wu IEEE 22nd Conference on Electrical Performance of Electronic Packaging and Systems (IEEE EPEPS) Best Poster Paper Award
2014 Shih-Yuan Chen 2013/2014 Top 10 Reviewers of IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation
2014 Lin-Shan Lee IEEE ComSoc/KICS Exemplary Global Service Award
2015 Tzong-Lin Wu IEEE EMC Society Motohisa Kanda Award
2015 Huei Wang IEEE International Symposium on RF Integration Technology RFIT Award
2018 Ching-Kuang C.Tzuang IEEE MTT-S Distinguished Educator Award
2018 Homer H. Chen IEEE ICME 2018 Best Demo Paper

IEEE ComSoc Board of Governors Member
2016 Wanjiun Liao 2016

IEEE EMC Society Board of Directors (BoD) Member
2016 Tzong-Lin Wu 2016

IEEE EMC Society Board of Directors
2017 Tzong-Lin Wu
2021 Tzong-Lin Wu

IEEE Vehicular Technology Society Women‘s Distinguished Career Award
2020 Ai-Chun Pang

IEEE ICC 2020 ViWi mmWave Beam Tracking Competition (ViWi-BT)
2020 Hung-Yu Wei

IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letter - Outstanding Associate Editor
2020 Shih-Yuan Chen

IEEE SPS Fellow Evaluation Committee
2024 Homer H. Chen Vice Chair

Ministry of Education
Year Name Note

The National Chair Professor
1998 Chun-Hsiung Chen 2nd (1998-2001)
2002 Soo-Chang Pei 6th (2001-2005)
2004 Lin-Shan Lee 8th (2004-2007)
2007 Lin-Shan Lee 11th (2007-2010)
2008 Soo-Chang Pei 12th (2008-2011)
2010 Huei Wang 14th (2010-2013)
2013 Huei Wang 17th (2013-2016) The 14th and 17th National Chair Professorship respectively for his Honorary Life contribution
2015 Ming-Syan Chen 19th (2015-2017)
2018 Ming-Syan Chen 22nd
2021 Wanjiun Liao

The Academic Achievement Award in Engineering
1980 Chun-Hsiung Chen 25th
1990 Jin-Fu Chang 34th
1993 Lin-Shan Lee 37th
1998 Soo-Chang Pei 42nd
2007 Huei Wang 51st
2009 Ming-Syan Chen 53rd
2013 Ruey-Beei Wu 57th
2015 Wanjiun Liao 59th
2020 Tzong-Lin Wu

The Distinguished Teaching Award
1993 Hung-Chun Chang

The award of outstanding achievements in University-Industry Collaboration
1996 Shi-Chung Chang

Ministry of Science and Technology
Year Name Note

Distinguished Research Fellow Award
2002 Chun-Hsiung Chen
2002 Soo-Chang Pei
2002 Jingshown Wu
2008 Jin-Fu Chang
2014 Ju-Hong Lee
2022 Ming-Syan Chen

Research Fellowship
1996 Chun-Hsiung Chen
1999 Soo-Chang Pei
1999 Jingshown Wu
2001 Hung-Chun Chang
2001 Ching-Kuang C. Tzuang
2001 Jin-Fu Chang
2002 Lin-Shan Lee
2002 Ruey-Beei Wu
2005 Ju-Hong Lee

Distinguished Research Award
2012 Ming-Syan Chen
2012 Wanjiun Liao
2013 Tzong-Lin Wu
2014 Kwang-Cheng Chen
2014 Homer H. Chen
2017 Tzong-Lin Wu
2018 Ai-Chun Pang
2019 Hung-Yu Wei
2021 Hsi-Tseng Chou
2021 Ai-Chun Pang

Wu Ta-You Memorial Award
2005 Tzong-Lin Wu
2015 Hung-Yu Wei
2019 Hung-Yi Lee

Outstanding Contribution of Tech. Transfer Award
2002 Lin-Shan Lee

The FORMOSAT-2 Satellite Project Award, National Space Center
2005 Char-Dir Chung

Contribution Award of Outstanding Technology Transfer
2013 Tzong-Lin Wu

Presidential Science Prize
2015 Lin-Shan Lee

National Taiwan University
Year Name Note

Chair Professor
2004 Chun-Hsiung Chen
2006 Soo-Chang Pei
2006 Lin-Shan Lee

Fu Ssu-Nien Award
2004 See-May Phoong
2005 Wanjiun Liao
2005 Keanpgo Ricky Ho

The Outstanding Social Service Award for Teachers
2007 Powen Hsu
2013 Lin-Shan Lee

Outstanding Research Innovation Award
2008 Powen Hsu
2013 Tzong-Lin Wu

Irving T. Ho Chair Professor
2005 Homer H. Chen
2007 Kwang-Cheng Chen

Himax Chair Professor
2007 Ruey-Beei Wu

MXIC Chair Professor
2012 Homer H. Chen

SiS Technology Chair
2007 Homer H. Chen
2009 Char-Dir Chung

Richard M. Hong Endowed Chair Professor
2005 Huei Wang

Outstanding Teaching Award
2014 Tzong-Lin Wu
2017 I-Hsiang Wang
2021 Polly Huang

Year Name Note

Technical Paper Award, Chinese Institute of Engineers
1992 Tah-Hsiung Chu
1995 Lin-Shan Lee
1997 Zsehong Tsai

The Outstanding Engineering Professor Award, Chinese Institute of Engineers
1991 Lin-Shan Lee
1999 Jingshown Wu
2001 Ching-Kuang C. Tzuang
2002 Kwang-Cheng Chen
2010 Wanjiun Liao

The Outstanding Young Engineer Award, Chinese Institute of Engineers
1982 Jin-Fu Chang
1983 Lin-Shan Lee
1990 Hung-Chun Chang
1992 Ruey-Beei Wu
1994 Kwang-Cheng Chen

The Electrical Engineer Medal, The Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering
1991 Lin-Shan Lee
2006 Jingshown Wu

Outstanding EE Professor Award, The Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering
1998 Soo-Chang Pei
1999 Ruey-Beei Wu
2002 Kwang-Cheng Chen
2006 Wanjiun Liao
2008 Homer H. Chen
2020 Hsuan-Jung Su

Outstanding Young Engineers Award, The Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering
1999 Ching-Kuang C. Tzuang
2002 Tzong-Lin Wu
2005 See-May Phoong
2014 Hung-Yu Wei
2018 Hung-Yi Lee
2022 Chun-Hsing Li
2022 I-Hsiang Wang

K. T. Li Research Penetration Award, Institute of Information & Computing Machinery
2003 Ming-Syan Chen
2009 Wanjiun Liao

K. T. Li Young Researcher Award, ACM Taipei chapter, , Institute of Information & Computing Machinery
2003 Wanjiun Liao
2012 Hung-Yu Wei

(Institute of Information & Computing Machinery (IICM) Medal of Honor)
2014 Jingshown Wu 2014

Year Name Note

The Sun Yat-Sen Cultural Foundation-Academic Publication Award
2008 Homer H. Chen

TECO Award, TECO Technology Foundation
2006 Ming-Syan Chen(2006) 13th
2014 Wanjiun Liao 21th
2020 Tzong-Lin Wu
2023 Homer H. Chen

Far Eastern Y. Z. Hsu Science and Technology Memorial Foundation-Sixth Scientific Chair Professor
2007 Soo-Chang Pei
2014 Wanjiun Liao 12th
2015 Ming-Syan Chen 13th
2021 Homer H. Chen

Far Eastern Y. Z. Hsu Science and Technology Memorial Foundation-Sixth Scientific and Technical Paper Award
2007 Wanjiun Liao
2022 Ai-Chun Pang
2022 Yu-Chiang Frank Wang

Outstanding Scholar Awards, Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship
1994 Chun-Hsiung Chen
2002 Lin-Shan Lee

Recruiting Outstanding Young Scholar Award from the Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship
2006 Hung-Yu Wei
2008 Chun-Ting Chou

The Pan Wen-Yuan Outstanding Research Awards, Pan Wen-Yuan Foundation
1998 Chun-Hsiung Chen
2002 Soo-Chang Pei
2005 Ming-Syan Chen
2008 Huei Wang
2012 Homer H. Chen
2013 Ruey-Beei Wu
2021 Wanjiun Liao

Year Name Note

Ten Outstanding Young Women in Taiwan
2000 Wanjiun Liao 18th

Ten Outstanding Young Persons , Junior Chamber International, Taiwan
1984 Lin-Shan Lee 22th
1994 Hung-Chun Chang 32nd
1996 Kwang-Cheng Chen 34th

2010 APSIPA, Annual Sumit and Conference ( ASC ) , Best Poster Paper Award
2010 Soo-Chang Pei

Academy of Distinguished Engineers & Hall of Fame, University of Connecticut
2011 Shi-Chung Chang

Best Presentation Award, ACM Sensys
2010 Polly Huang

CIE/USA Award 2009
2009 Jingshown Wu

General Chair, APMC 2001
2001 Powen Hsu

ISI Classic Citation Award
2001 Kwang-Cheng Chen

Symposium of Photonic Devices and System Application “Best Research Award”
2006 Jingshown Wu

The Outstanding Young Scientist Fellowship of The International Union of Radio Science(URSI)
1987 Hung-Chun Chang
1990 Ruey-Beei Wu
1993 Char-Dir Chung

Premium Award for Best Paper in IET Radar, Sonar & Navigation
2015 Huei Wang Kun-You Lin

Presidential Innovation Award
2016 Ping-Cheng Yeh 2nd

Micron Teacher Award
2018 Liang-Hung Lu 2018

IEEE T-CPMT Best Associate Editor Award
2019 Tzong-Lin Wu

Global Symposium on Millimeter Waves (GSMM) Best Paper Award
2019 Huei Wang 2019

ISCA Medal for Scientific Achievement
2022 Lin-Shan Lee

Young Theoretical Scientist Award
2023 Hao-Chung Cheng